Customise WordPress: The wonderful world wide web.

customise wordpressBlogging is great, the internet is amazing! Modern website platforms like WordPress offer such great features that the need to learn coding to have a website, or employ a web designer to make one for you is very nearly a thing of the past.

No matter if you want to share your holiday snaps with the world or create an online shopping empire, you can find many free resources to accomplish all of this and more. You can install the most popular scripts for blogs, forums, shops and wikis at the touch of a button in any cpanel web-hosting environment. Scripts such as WordPress, Joomla and Zen Cart are three of the most popular cms websites around.

You can then proceed to upload your images and your stories, or your items for sale and soon after the whole world can take part in your adventure.

All of this is true…but there has to be a snag right? Of course there is. In fact there are several.
There are currently over 71 million WordPress websites alone and so the problem is that you are probably sharing your template or theme with thousands of other people using WordPress.
customise joomlaThe same applies to Joomla to a great extent and to popular e-commerce scripts like Zen Cart.

There are also currently many many more millions or even billions of web pages competing for business and traffic. How can you get a slice of that pie?

The answer to the first snag is to customise templates to make them unique. Put your own stamp on them. Show your customers, your friends and relatives a shiny new website that looks and feels different and unique. You can learn the methods to do this if you have time, or you can hire  WordPress website designers with the necessary knowledge to do it for you. It’s not expensive, in fact to use wordpress design services to customise WordPress can be pretty affordable…providing you are not asking the impossible!

Customise WordPress and break out of the constrictions imposed on you by a very nice but over-used theme.
Customise Joomla to bring out the best of your full content management website.
customise zencartCustomise Zen Cart to give your customers the greatest shopping experience.

Once you customise wordpress, you need your followers, customers etc. to find it.

Having gone to all that effort to customise WordPress, Joomla or Zen Cart, it would then be pretty sad and pointless if no-one came and visited your lovely new website. The best websites survive and thrive because they have good volumes of traffic coming to them which gives them greater credence and value in the eyes of the search engines. This will lead to natural linking from other sites, something over which you have no control.

The way to gain control over your search engine rankings and the answer to getting decent traffic volume to make sales or be recognised as an authority on your subject, is to create your own backlinks. These will have all your own carefully researched keywords for the anchor text and so will be much more powerful and relevant to your website.

Sounds simple doesn’t it? Check out my search engine marketing section if you want to know more about seo packages prices.

Thanks for reading this, I look forward to hearing from you.

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